Daksh Mitra

Discover how our application utilizes AI techniques to generate answers from manuals, streamlining maintenance tasks with unmatched efficiency.


Our application uses cutting-edge AI techniques to analyze and extract relevant information from maintenance manuals in PDF format.

Functionality and Features
It allows automatic generation of accurate answers to maintenance-related queries, providing technicians with quick and reliable solutions.

Utilizing AI Techniques
By employing natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, the application continuously improves its understanding and response capabilities.


Gather Information
– Obtain the document(s) and make sure it’s in a format that can be used effectively.

Analyze the Document
– Read and analyze the document to figure out where the answers are.

User-Friendly Interface and Easy to use
– A simple and easy way to ask questions to the Answer Bot. You can do this through the web application built for this task.
– You don’t need to worry about the technical details. Just ask your questions, and the application will do the rest.

Continuous Improvement
– We’re always working to make the application even better. Your feedback helps us improve its answers and understand your needs better.

Target Users –Maintenance / Service Departments


Implementation steps (i)

On-prem solution, which can be accessed from a tab within the network
1. Add Your Document:
We put your document on the application server, so you don’t need to look through it yourself. We will tag the same to a machine to which it belongs.

2. Select a specific language
We have given the option to select the language in which you want answers in
– Hinglish (a blend of English and Hindi)
– English

3. Select Machine details
Select your machine details on the web application, so that the correct manual tagged to the machine shall get picked up.

4. Ask Questions
Just type your questions on the application. The application will look for answers in the document.

5. Get Quick Answers
The application gives you answers right away. No need to spend time searching the document.

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    Implementation steps (ii)

    6.Tell Us What You Think

    1.We want to make the application better. You can let us know if the answers are good or bad.

    2.Your feedback helps us improve the application. We want to make sure it gets even better at answering your questions.

    7.Data Security

    Your information and questions are kept safe.

    8.Available on Your Devices

    You can use the applications on your tablets and laptops, whichever you prefer.

    9.We’re Here to Help

    If you need help or have any questions about using the application, we’re here to assist.

    10. No Technical Details

    You don’t need to know any technical stuff. Just ask your questions and let the application do the work.

    Proposed Architecture


    A web Application

    The functional web application can be run on a user’s computer or accessible via the web running on an intranet. This should include all the code, libraries, and files required for the application to function.

    User Feedback Mechanism

    Following answer generation, feedback is solicited for each generated response, with the aim of assessing its quality. This feedback process is instrumental in facilitating solution retraining.

    User Support Information

    AVL support for users to seek assistance if they encounter issues or have questions.

    Increased Efficiency in Maintenance Tasks

    Technicians can swiftly access relevant information, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

    Reduction in Human Error

    The application minimizes the risk of human-induced mistakes, ensuring accurate and consistent maintenance procedures.

    Time and Cost Savings

    By speeding up troubleshooting and decision-making processes, the application helps save valuable time and resources.

    In summary, our AI-driven application revolutionizes machine maintenance by providing quick, accurate answers to maintenance-related queries, improving efficiency, reducing human error, and generating significant time and cost savings. Take the next step towards optimized maintenance processes by adopting our game-changing solution.