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In large factories, energy is often wasted in operations / processes that can be avoided or redesigned. Because of lack of properly coordinated data, facility managers are unaware of energy consumption patterns.

Randomly switching off lights and machines to raise awareness among the workers does not really help in energy management. Real energy management system involves a well-coordinated effort with men and machines fully integrated into the system.

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Condition Based Monitoring (CBM)

Using DakshIIoT, your systems can be monitored & vetted thoroughly for V.E.T (Vibrations, Electricals, Temperatures) to sense and predict any maintenance issues with your plant or machinery thus preventing breakdowns.

Assets Health Monitoring – Transformers

A transformer is a critical component that has a major role in the power delivery system. DakshIIoT helps in 24x7 monitoring of transformers with real time updates about electrical parameters, oil temperatures, winding temperatures, Oil Levels, Buchholz relay status, Bushing temperatures, etc.

Quality Inspection

Quality Inspection at the end of production line ensures that your customer get 100% defect free product. This is the final filtration stage which plays most important role for brand image, happy customers and lower warranty costs.

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