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DakshIIoT – An Adaptive Industrial IoT Platform

Daksh-IIoT delivers the Turnkey Projects in Industry 4.0 as per the required KPI’s. It enables to develop any industrial application for digitization/Industry 4.0 implementation with customized dashboards & Fully understand the causes of downtime with real-time machine data, get solid/scrap production quantities data, and increase overall efficiency.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

OEE is a valuable tool for identifying areas for improvement in manufacturing processes, such as reducing downtime, improving cycle times, and enhancing product quality. It provides a comprehensive view of equipment effectiveness that can be used to drive continuous improvement efforts in manufacturing operations.

Condition-Based Monitoring

Condition-Based Monitoring (CBM) system is a proactive approach to equipment maintenance that relies on real-time. The goal of CBM is to detect potential failures or deviations from normal operating conditions early, allowing for timely maintenance interventions and reducing the unplanned downtime.

Energy Management System

EMS optimize energy usage in various environment. Optimizing energy consumption and reducing waste lead to lower utility bills and operational expenses. Reduced energy consumption & increased use of renewable energy sources contribute to lower carbon emissions and environmental impact.

Integration with DakshIIoT IIoT Solutions

Connect your devices and systems with our IIoT / Industry 4.0 platform. DakshIIoT ensures seamless integration for enhanced operational efficiency.

Why Choose Us…

We are your end-to-end partners for delivering the Turnkey Projects in Industry 4.0 as per the required KPI’s. We can develop any industrial application for digitization/Industry 4.0 implementation with customized dashboards

  • Provides one stop solution for your Industry 4.0 requirement.
  • Combines software + surrounding hardware on a single platform.
  • Allows Easy addition/subtraction of new applications and sensors.
  • Integrates your existing applications.
  • Bids goodbye to messy migrations or multiple software.

How We Can Help?

Daksh IIoT is skilled at developing customized intelligence systems that help in seamless data acquisition followed by simplified conversion of that data into shareable knowledge, generating Best Industry 4.0 Solution in India that improve working efficiency in, starting from supply chain management to the production floor.

SAIL Bokaro Inauguration

Daksh CBMS for Gas Booster Fans at CRM (Cold Rolling Mill) & HSM (Hot Strip Mill) – SAIL Bokaro Steel Plant – Inauguration by SAIL BSL ED – Works Mr. V.K. Tiwari on 15.9.2022

Sound Analytics

Sound analytics analyze and derive insights from sound or audio data collected by IoT devices.

Sound analytics analyze and derive insights from sound or audio data collected by IoT devices. IoT-enabled sound analytics leverages connected sensors and devices to monitor, process, and interpret audio signals in various environments. Also, it can monitor operational status, detect abnormal vibrations or noises that indicate machinery faults, and schedule predictive maintenance to avoid breakdowns.

Vision Analytics

Vision-based monitoring leveraging the cameras and image processing technologies to monitor and analyze visual data in real-time.

Vision-based monitoring leveraging the cameras and image processing technologies to monitor and analyze visual data in real-time. This approach enhances surveillance, automation, and operational efficiency across various domains. Here’s an overview of vision-based monitoring using IoT. Monitoring production lines, equipment operation, and worker safety using vision-based IoT systems to detect defects, ensure quality control, and enhance operational efficiency.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive maintenance identifies the operational anomalies and potential equipment defects, enabling timely repairs before failures occur.

Predictive maintenance identifies the operational anomalies and potential equipment defects, enabling timely repairs before failures occur. It aims to minimize maintenance frequency, avoiding unplanned outages and prevents unnecessary failure through corrective maintenance. All critical parameters like Vibration levels, electrical parameters, bearing temperatures, motor winding temperature can be measured.


Industries We Serve

Daksh IIoT makes you omniscient with its omnipresence. It acquires data from your manufacturing units/plants and converts it into shareable knowledge for you. It helps you in best predictive maintenance of your equipment and machinery by continuous monitoring.

Automotive - OEMs / Ancillary Units

Companies and activities involved in the manufacture of motor vehicles, including most components, such as engines and bodies.

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Heavy Industry - Steel Plants

The iron and steel industry in India is among the most important industries within the country. India surpassed Japan in January 2019.

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Creation or production of goods of any scale. We shall help you streamline your processes and increase output.

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Process Plants

Facilities that manufacture & produce items involving chemical or mechanical steps.

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Our Principle

Unconditional Ownership

From the initial sales call to the final handover, the culture of being accountable for our actions with no conditions involved, ensures great results for our customers.

Continuous Improvement

Nothing is perfect, there is always some scope of improvement. By continuously implementing the lessons learnt, we improve our processes and products.

Focused On Outcome

Results matter and we strive to make those count. We are inclusive, open and actively engaged with our customers in achieving success.

Project Launch

We are running events with professionalism and expertise, and in identifying strongly with their outcome. This sense of responsibility means we always strive to add value.



DakshIIoT magnifies your Overall Equipment Effectiveness by improving the Availability, Performance, and Quality scores. It keeps you informed thereby preventing unplanned stops, decreasing slow cycles and reducing defects.

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Digital Transformation – Automated Workflows

WWW (Water, Wind, & Work) should flow uninterrupted and as smoothly as possible. At DakshIIoT, we help you see a new D.A.W.N. by Digitizing & Automating Workflows Naturally. This new D.A.W.N. helps in reducing human errors and improving product quality.

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Condition Based Monitoring (CBM)

Using DakshIIoT, your systems can be monitored & vetted thoroughly for V.E.T (Vibrations, Electricals, Temperatures) to sense and predict any maintenance issues with your plant or machinery thus preventing breakdowns.

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Assets Health Monitoring – Transformers

A transformer is a critical component that has a major role in the power delivery system. DakshIIoT helps in 24x7 monitoring of transformers with real time updates about electrical parameters, oil temperatures, winding temperatures, Oil Levels, Buchholz relay status, Bushing temperatures, etc.

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Quality Inspection

Quality Inspection at the end of production line ensures that your customer get 100% defect free product. This is the final filtration stage which plays most important role for brand image, happy customers and lower warranty costs.

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Energy Management

In large factories, energy is often wasted in operations / processes that can be avoided or redesigned. Because of lack of properly coordinated data, facility managers are unaware of energy consumption patterns.

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Transformer Monitoring

Transformers are vital assets in our factories or in the power delivery system. Even a small breakdown of any transformer can disrupt the delivery and distribution of power for hours or days resulting in loss of revenue.

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Planning tool is a dedicated module for efficient planning of test facilities. Test facilities are really expensive resources which need to be utilized to their maximum potential.

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Process Prahari

All production processes need to maintain their critical parameters within limits w.r.t Set point. What if SET POINT itself is changed to a non desired value?

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Events & Expo

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At DakshIIoT, we believe in the power of industry networking and continuous innovation. We actively participate in leading industry events and expos to stay at the forefront of technology and connect with our clients and partners.

Complete Ownership

Your existing vendors are like horses with blinders who just want to race ahead with their riders. No coordination, only competition. Each to their own. Nobody takes ownership. But at Daksh, we take full ownership and accountability of your IIoT project. And as Stephen Covey said, “Accountability breeds response-ability.”


Customisation should not lead to victimisation. While most vendors are averse to customisation, we love it. We believe that customisation is your right. You just need to ask for it. At DakshIIoT, we offer bespoke solutions to suit your needs. ‘Customisation is our Specialization.’

S.E.A (Sensors, Edge Devices, Architecture) Of Solutions

At DakshIIoT we have liteally brought a SEA-change in our approach towards IIoT. We take a 360-degree approach and offer you a S.E.A. of guidance for your Sensors, Edge Devices & Architecture. We help you navigate the S.E.A. of IIoT.

Sensor Selection To Simplified Sensor Selection

If ‘Sensor Selection’ turns into ‘Sensor Struggle’ then common sense says that something is fundamentally wrong. We ‘Simplify Sensor Selection’ by integrating your existing sensors or by using new sensors of your choice or by using a combination of your old and new sensors. We use common sense before selecting sensors. After all, human beings developed common sense much before they developed sensors.

Vendor Management

All sensors are not available with all vendors. This leads to a situation where multiple sensors = multiple vendors. This calls for complex vendor management. With DakshIIoT, Multiple Sensors ≠ Multiple Vendors. We turn your vendor management process easy by dropping multiple vendors as we take care of all your hardware needs.

Compatibility Chaos To Compatibility Charm

Hardware and software sourced from different vendors create compatibility issues resulting in chaos. We turn ‘compatibility chaos’ into ‘compatibility charm’ by providing a one-stop solution for all your hardware and software needs. We introduce matches made in heaven


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