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Some need to protect very valuable information. All these factors should be taken into account. A risk-aware Windows user can probably survive without any anti-virus software at all. I ran Windows XP for a year to try to prove it. Less knowledgeable users can get their PCs infected no matter how much protection you give them. Software can’t protect people from themselves.

Worldwide recognition, decades of experience & international presence. Banyan Tree is known for its ambitious projects that have achieved worldwide fame. Dubai based developer Sweid & Sweid has partnered with Banyan Tree to deliver the Middle East’s first Banyan Tree Residences in the Middle East, a first-of-its-kind 244-residence tower located in Dubai.

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DakshIIoT magnifies your Overall Equipment Effectiveness by improving the Availability, Performance, and Quality scores. It keeps you informed thereby preventing unplanned stops, decreasing slow cycles and reducing defects.

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Condition Based Monitoring (CBM)

Using DakshIIoT, your systems can be monitored & vetted thoroughly for V.E.T (Vibrations, Electricals, Temperatures) to sense and predict any maintenance issues with your plant or machinery thus preventing breakdowns.

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Quality Inspection

Quality Inspection at the end of production line ensures that your customer get 100% defect free product. This is the final filtration stage which plays most important role for brand image, happy customers and lower warranty costs.

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